Artistic rug "Golden Island"

Артикул: 0009

Material: wool, viscose

Dimensions: Ø 220 cm

Weight: 20 kg


Soft rug islands, oases of relaxation among the stone jungles of cities...

By a new season, Art & Design by Kristina Gaidamaka is releasing a new collection of handmade wool rugs that is in tune with the Urban Etno trend. Each rug is created by the original design of the famous Ukrainian artist Kristina Gaidamaka, who successfully works as a designer for textiles.

Colors, lines, and images seem to radiate the eternal energy of earth, water, sky, sun... Thanks to the manual tufting technique, expressive drawings have gained volume, while natural wool has even more softness and fluffiness, and the addition of viscose in some elements of the drawing makes the rug even more voluminous and expressive. It will be not only a bright interior accent, but also a favorite place for every family member to relax and unwind. The round shape of the rugs, as if around the hearth, allows you to focus on a small friendly company, make a romantic date, or sit comfortably with a glass of wine in rainy evenings. After all, the sweet feeling of the "inner island" can be provoked by a rug – if it is like ours...

The artist's vision transforms traditional Ukrainian symbols, flowers, and birds into contemporary design, as if the image is decomposed into jet pixels. The carefully selected warm "impressionistic" color palette further enhances the sense of comfort and coziness. This new, unobtrusive ethno-romantic style fits the contemporary interior perfectly. Each work by Kristina Gaidamaka transforms bright interior accents into modern functional and practical things in which art meets design.

Шторы “Seasons”

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