Artistic rug "Red Magic"

Артикул: 0003


"Osonnya" (Sunlit) collection 2019

Material: Sheep wool on cotton base

Traditional Ukrainian weaving technology, handmade

Product size: 180 Х 250 cm


An artistic rug is made by hand from natural wool in a traditional Ukrainian weaving technology.

A skillfully executed unique is created by the original design of a famous Ukrainian artist Kristina Gaidamaka, who successfully works as a textile designer for decorating interiors. Her recognizable style masterly combines modern trends with ancient symbolism and motifs of Ukrainian folklore.

Each of her work is a vivid interior accent and a modern functional and practical thing in which art blends with design.

Thanks to the skill of performing a complicated tapestry pattern and the use of colours one can see as if a magical red flower blossomed on the rug from a "hundred shades of red" symbolizing strength and thirst for life.

The rug is part of the "Osonnya" collection.

Osonnya is an ancient Ukrainian word that symbolizes a place lit by the sun and warmed up with love.

Шторы “Seasons”

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